The market for accelerated digital skills is stepping up to a whole new level. Bootcamps, among others, are evolving rapidly to meet the opportunity. Originally designed to fill the skills gaps for coding and other new digital skills, bootcamps are short, full-time programs, typically 9 to12 weeks in length aimed to get learners 'job ready' in new professions. Over the past five years bootcamps have evolved into partnership and B2B operations which sees traditional providers such as universities and schools partnering with bootcamps to provide a much needed skills 'shot in the arm' in topics that traditional providers cannot cover. Tech bootcamps re-skilled and up-skilled over 100,000 professionals globally in 2021. Governments, employers, universities everywhere are embracing rapid, high ROI training to build capacity in software, marketing, cyber and tech sales to drive their economies and growth. We expect this number to reach over 380,000 by 2025 representing over $3B of expendit (F: www.holoniq.com 01.03.22)