ISI - INSTITUTE FOR SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION. The Annual G20 Scorecard – Research Performance 2020 PDF Stampa E-mail

Authors: Prof. J. Adams, G. Rogers and Dr. M. Szomszor. Clarivate https://tinyurl.com/y592jejk .
The Institute for scientific information (ISI) is uniquely placed to deliver a comparative research snapshot for each G20 NATION, setting WEB OF SCIENCE™ data alongside other key metrics on people, finance and patenting.
The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI)™ at Clarivate has pioneered the organization of the world's research information for more than half a century. Today it remains committed to promoting integrity in research whilst improving the retrieval, interpretation and utility of scientific information. It maintains the knowledge corpus upon which the Web of Science™ index and related information and analytical content and services are built. It disseminates that knowledge externally through events, conferences and publications whilst conducting primary research to sustain, extend and
improve the knowledge base.
ISI shows that collectively, the 19 countries of the G20 accounted for more than five million articles and reviews indexed in the web of science research publication and citation index for the last three years. That is over 70% of the global total.
Research Footprint of the THREE LARGEST RESEARCH BLOCS IN THE G20 (China, Eu-27, USA), showing their contribution to the total RESEARCH PUBLICATIONS in 30 TOPIC AREAS. See Figure. Clarivate.