THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON EDUCATION - Insights from education at a glance 2020 PDF Stampa E-mail

Author: Andreas Schleicher. @OECD 2020. Pg. 30.
This brochure focuses on a selection of indicators from Education at a Glance, selected for their particular relevance in the current context. Their analysis enables the understanding of countries' response and potential impact from the COVID-19 containment measures. The following topics are discussed: COVID-19 and educational institutions. The impact of the crisis on education. Public financing of education in OECD countries. International student mobility. The loss of instructional time delivered in a school setting. Measures to continue students' learning during school closure.
Teachers' preparedness to support digital learning. When and how to reopen schools. Class size, a critical parameter for the reopening of schools. Vocational education during the covid-19 lockdown.
Throughout this crisis, education systems are increasingly looking towards international policy experiences, data and analyses as they develop their policy responses. The OECD's
publication Education at a Glance contributes to these efforts by developing and analysing quantitative, internationally comparable indicators that are particularly relevant to the understanding of the environment in which the sanitary crisis has unfolded. While the indicators in the publication Education at a Glance date from before the crisis, this brochure puts these indicators into the context of the pandemic. It provides insights into its economic consequences for education, but also the dynamics of reconciling public health with maintaining educational provision. The policy responses presented in this brochure cover key measures announced or introduced before the end of June 2020.