By David Willetts, Oxford University Press, 2017. 480 pp.
I have an exceptionally bad habit – dog-earing the pages of books when I come across a telling point or a particularly juicy piece of information. I had to call a halt to this behaviour while reading "A University Education". My copy was coming to resemble a concertina. Such is the measure of this book. It is truly an expanse. Here, in among its 469 pages, lie chapters on the tangled groves of research and scholarship, the purple glens of university innovation, the verdant pastures of undergraduate education, and, depending on your viewpoint, the enlightened or malevolent mountain range of government policies. Add to that all the other excursions knitted into the book's fabric – from early years learning, through the health benefits of going to university, to the history of the University Grants Committee – and the net result is a volume that will provide you with all manner of insights into the peculiar trajectory of the English higher education system. (Fonte: timeshighereducation.com 23-11-17)